Yorick has been cast!

The first member of the OISS, all-female production of Hamlet has been cast. Her name is Ava (or at least that is how she has come to be known.) She will be playing the part of Yorick! Indeed, this European immigrant who died in the Scottish Highlands over 4000 years ago has of yet been reluctant to share her true heritage, if she ever will. A replica of her skull will be sculpted by the hands of the director, Michael Armenia, and will share the stage with Hamlet and other players for our 2020 production. Inasmuch as Ava’s skull – as a an image of a real person – will bring to our play more life than an ordinary prop, we also wish to bring awareness to her fascinating story. The dead deserve as much honor and respect as the living. As above, so below.

Images © Michael Sharpe

More about Ava’s discovery in 1987 and her detailed re-discovery through the Achavanich Beaker Project managed by Maya Hoole can be found at the project web site. [ https://achavanichbeakerburial.wordpress.com/ ]